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About Lauren

Hello! I’m

Dr. Lauren Ashley Shapiro

I received my Doctorate in Clinical-Forensic Psychology at Alliant International University’s California School of Forensic Studies in June 2015 and was formally granted licensure by the California Board of Psychology in March 2017. I completed my doctoral dissertation on Contemporary Attitudes Towards Psychopathy. I have been active in the mental health field since 2009 and primarily treat teens and young adults but have also worked extensively with adults and the older adult/geriatric population.

Most recently, I worked at the intersection of mental health, the legal/justice system (Forensic) and the medical field (Med-legal) to specialize in the complex world of psycholegal issues. As such, I have come to be known and respected for my comprehensive psychological and neurocognitive testing, evaluations and assessments; med-legal and psycho-legal consultation, evaluation, and treatment; and thorough forensic reports and legal consultation services.

I completed my post-Doctoral Assistanceship at IBEMED/Healthpointe Medical Clinics, where I provided individual therapy to clients contending with workers compensation claims and personal injury lawsuits and oversaw Neuropsychological Evaluation and Cognitive Rehabilitation activities. I completed my Pre-Doctoral Internship for Orange County Collaborative Courts’ Juvenile Drug Program where I provided court-ordered individual and group therapy to adolescents with substance abuse and co-occurring mental health and legal issues. I also provided professional psychological consultations and recommendations regarding treatment to the Juvenile Justice Courts and Orange County Probation. As a volunteer therapist at a transitional shelter in Orange County, I provided individual and group therapy to adult women facing chronic homelessness, mental illness, and discrimination. I also completed internships as a mental health evaluator for Orange County foster youth, a therapist for Orange Coast College’s students, a hotline responder for IMAlive online crisis network, and a Program Coordinator for a Mentoring Children of Prisoners program. Thus, I am formally trained as a Cognitive-Behavioral Therapist, Trauma-Focused Cognitive-Behavioral Therapist, Dialectical Behavior Therapist, and Motivational Interviewer as well as a trained Crisis Responder and Suicide Interventionist, having received ground-breaking immersive training in crisis intervention/suicidology with the QPR Institute and IMAlive Foundation prior to initiating my Doctoral studies.

I have extensive clinical/treatment experience with children, adolescents/teenagers, young adults/transitional-aged youth, adults and older/geriatric adults and I enjoy working with clients of all different ages, races, religions, ethnicities, sexual and romantic interests, gender identifications, personal preferences, and identity expressions in any treatment setting. I have trained in the provision of neuropsychological and cognitive rehabilitation training with patients suffering from traumatic brain injuries, chronic pain, and other physical and psychiatric injuries. For years, I worked and continue to work at the intersection of mental health, the legal/justice system (Forensic) and the medical field (Med-legal) to specialize in the complex world of psycho-legal issues.

I am an outspoken advocate for nontraditional and alternative psychological practices in substance abuse treatment, internet addiction and technological dependence, adolescent behavioral problems, and teenage delinquency. I am also especially sensitive to the psychological treatment needs and concerns of sexual and gender minorities and strive to provide kink-aware and kink-informed psychotherapy. I focus on addressing and improving the underlying causes of symptoms rather than emphasizing diagnoses. Through my unique approach to Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy and Motivational Interviewing, I empower my clients and help them reach their individual, personal, and therapeutic goals.

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    Clinical Experience



    Licensed Clinical-Forensic Psychologist

    I provide cognitive behavioral therapy and motivational interviewing to clients of Dr. Tanika Gayle & Clinical Associates. I specialize in working with teenagers and young adults who have histories of trauma, substance abuse, and gender and sexual identity concerns as well as individuals with open workers’ compensation cases (med-legal) and personal injury claims (psycho-legal) who have chronic pain/illness, neurocognitive impairments, and depression and anxiety.



    Post-Doctoral Psychological Assistant

    I provided individuals, couples, and families at the intersection of the medical and legal fields with cognitive behavioral therapy to overcome medical problems, manage pain and chronic illness, process trauma, identify obstacles and barriers interfering with recovery progress, promote adherence and compliance with treatment plans. I also conducted neurocognitive batteries to formulate individualized cognitive rehabilitation programs for patients suffering from traumatic brain injuries and other neurological states under Dr. Levon Margolin. I oversaw the neurocognitive department and rehabilitation program, where I monitored compliance, tracked progress, established baselines, and determined premorbid functioning. I also conducted psychological testing to differentially diagnose, determined medical necessity, and objectively measured patients' progress. In addition to test administration, I wrote psychological and neurocognitive assessments and edited initial evaluations, AOE/COE and MMI determinations, and post-treatment assessments for patients with private insurance, personal injury cases, and workers' compensation claims.



    Registered Psychological Assistant

    I was an individual cognitive behavioral therapist to self-referred patients under the supervision of Dr. Sheree Riley-Violon. I offered psychological testing and evaluation services to clarify diagnoses and formulate treatment plans. I also consulted with prospective clients to assess their unique needs and treatment options. In addition, I conducted intakes and risk assessments, maintained clinical and progress notes, conferred with collaborating providers, and coordinated community referrals. Areas of specialty included trauma, substance abuse, LGBT concerns, forensic psychology topics, and psychological testing and evaluation.



    Pre-Doctoral Psychology Intern

    I was a Juvenile Drug Court therapist for court-ordered adolescents diagnosed with a co-occurring substance abuse disorder in an outpatient clinic, affiliate residential rehabilitation program, and three juvenile correctional facilities under the supervision of Dr. Rafael Canul. I conducted long-term individual cognitive-behavioral therapy in addition to providing gender-specific group therapy, substance abuse psychoeducation, and chemical dependency counseling using motivational interviewing. As a collaborating member of the multidisciplinary team, I submitted weekly progress reports, consulted on dual diagnosis and mental health issues, and made clinical recommendations to the court, judge, and probation department regarding placement, treatment, and sentencing. I also coordinated case management services amongst the collaborative providers of various community agencies, full-service partnership programs, and residential treatment facilities.



    Volunteer Therapist

    I was a volunteer therapist assigned to Grandma's House of Hope, a local transitional shelter, under the supervision of Dr. Burt Winer. I provided long-term individual cognitive-behavioral therapy to a caseload of 12 women, established a resident-to-community leader training program, and supported residents using best practices for stabilizing at-risk populations. I also ran weekly independent living skills and processing groups on anger management and conflict resolution, court and program compliance, cooperating with law enforcement, probation, and social services, and work readiness, career assessment, and job skills advancement. In addition, I trained support staff in psychoeducation seminars on reinforcing sobriety, chemical dependency and addictive behaviors, encouraging family reunification, supporting the chronically mentally ill, preventing homelessness, promoting treatment and medication adherence, crisis intervention, and emergency stabilization of incoming victims of domestic violence and human trafficking.



    Clinical-Forensic Psychology Practicum Intern II

    I was an evaluator for the Continuing Care Placement Unit, where I conducted legally-mandated prospective adoption evaluations and court-ordered psychological assessments for foster care dependents under the supervision of Dr. George Tucker. I made recommendations to the court and Social Services regarding developmental delays, placement and adoption concerns, incompatibility issues, dysfunctional behaviors, trauma indicators, medical and mental health problems, and other red flags. I analyzed investigation reports, placement history, school transcripts, and treatment records. I also assessed and tested the dependent and interviewed collateral contacts to obtain corroborative personal accounts, observations, concerns, and opinions of the dependent and the prospective adoption. I also conducted psychological testing to assess intellectual abilities, developmental achievements, personality traits, and psychosocial functioning in response to inquiries from caretakers or treatment providers about placement failures, academic problems, interpersonal and social difficulties, emotional dysregulation, dysfunctional behaviors, mental health problems, medical complications, and other pressing concerns. I also provided intensive case management services, coordinated care, and participated in collaborative meetings to plan all facets of a minor's placement needs with multidisciplinary agencies and treatment providers.



    Clinical-Forensic Psychology Practicum Intern I

    I provided short-term individual cognitive behavioral therapy to college students at the school's Student Health Center under the supervision of Dr. Ken Fineman and Dr. Jack Wasserman. I performed psychological testing, in-depth intakes, and psychosocial assessments to clarify the client's diagnosis, guide interventions, and improve treatment outcomes. I also conducted crisis intervention with distressed students and coordinated care with Health Center medical providers. In addition, I acted as the mental health department's liaison with the Gay Straight Alliance and single-handedly developed and proposed 'Safe at OCC,' a new initiative to train campus staff and faculty about LGBT issues and concerns.

    Other Relevent Experience



    Tutor / Coach / Editor / Consultant

    I tutor clinical, applied, and forensic psychology graduate students from Alliant International University and the Chicago School of Professional Psychology. I provide dissertation coaching and consultation to graduate students struggling to come up with a topic, complete the literature review, determine appropriate methods, conduct statistical analyses with collected data, interpret findings, and generate discussion points. I also provide coursework editing and assessment case consultation services.
    I only take referrals from former professors and supervisors.



    Online Suicide Intervention Specialist

    I was a founding responder of the online crisis hotline. Using the QPR Institute's proprietary method, I provided crisis intervention to individuals in crisis who logged into the chat, identified their presenting concerns, persuaded clients to stay safe through the creation of a safety plan, elicited a commitment to safety, referred them to appropriate resources in their communities, and maintained documentation.



    Volunteer Intern

    I was an assistant supervisor of the Kids On Track program and coordinated the Mentoring Children of Prisoners program. The Kids on Track program provided at-risk and behaviorally-challenged students with a structured afterschool program. I ensured the safety of the students while supervising academic tutoring, overseeing physical fitness lessons, and assisting in the preparation of character development and leadership training units. The Mentoring Children of Prisoners program was designed to provide hope, guidance, and services to children who have one or both parents incarcerated in a correctional facility. I screened potential mentors, interviewed mentees, and provided case management services to mentors, mentees, parents, guardians, social workers, school officials, and other agencies.



    Doctorate of Psychology, Clinical-Forensic Psychology


    GPA: 3.95


    Master of Arts, Clinical-Forensic Psychology


    GPA: 3.98


    Non-Matriculated International Exchange


    GPA: 3.84


    Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor's, Specialization Psychology


    GPA: 3.54

  • DAWSON COLLEGE, Montreal, QC

    Diplome d'Etudes Collegiales, Psychology


    R-Score: 32+


Shapiro, L.A. (2014) Contemporary Attitudes Towards Psychopathy: Current Attitudes Towards, Understandings of, and Misconceptions about Psychopathy amongst Forensic Psychologists, Clinical Psychologists and Laypersons (Doctoral dissertation). Retrievable from ProQuest LLC (ID: 3614366).

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Client Testimonial

  • Ms. Shapiro was an excellent mental health counselor at Orange Coast College. She was an integral part of the treatment team and worked closely with nursing staff to provide optimal care for her clients.
    - Dr. Jack Wasserman
    January 2013, Supervisor at Orange Coast College
  • Dr. Shapiro is super intelligent and I am amazed at her base of knowledge. She has also demonstrated her grasp of the field of psychology in the effective and efficient way in which she has treated patients and the amazing results she was able to achieve. I have received many positive reviews on Dr. Shapiros work and the patients absolutely love her.
    - Dr. Levon Margolin
    December 2016, Employer at Ibemed/Healthpointe Medical Clinics
  • She has well-developed interpersonal skills and excellent work ethics... Ms. Shapiro demonstrates creativity and a strong interest in the profession of forensic psychology.
    - Dr. Noor Damavandi
    January 2013, Professor Alliant International University