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Links & Resources

Therapist Aid

Free worksheets, treatment guides, and videos about mental health. Topics include CBT, anger management, self-esteem, relaxation, and more.

Psychology Tools

Show self-helpers how to improve their mental health with cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) self-help worksheets

Open Path Collective Wellness Courses

Easy-to-follow, high quality courses designed to help you learn about your mental health.
* Ask Dr. Shapiro for secret key to gain free access.

Prop 47/Criminal Record Fixing: Information, Links, and Resources

Listing of resources for fixing up a criminal record, especially Prop 47 legislature reducing several felony charges to misdemeanors.

Transgender Resources in CA, Links, and Information

Listing of resources for MTF and FTM including resources for many stages of the transitioning journey, psychoeducation for parents, friends, family members, allies, teachers, educators, and schools, and resource guides about accessing health care.

Psych Central

Independent mental health social network run by mental health professionals that offers reliable, trusted information and over 250 support groups to clients while remaining today’s modern voice for mental health information, emotional support and advocacy.

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Client Testimonial

  • Ms. Shapiro was an excellent mental health counselor at Orange Coast College. She was an integral part of the treatment team and worked closely with nursing staff to provide optimal care for her clients.
    - Dr. Jack Wasserman
    January 2013, Supervisor at Orange Coast College
  • Dr. Shapiro is super intelligent and I am amazed at her base of knowledge. She has also demonstrated her grasp of the field of psychology in the effective and efficient way in which she has treated patients and the amazing results she was able to achieve. I have received many positive reviews on Dr. Shapiros work and the patients absolutely love her.
    - Dr. Levon Margolin
    December 2016, Employer at Ibemed/Healthpointe Medical Clinics
  • She has well-developed interpersonal skills and excellent work ethics... Ms. Shapiro demonstrates creativity and a strong interest in the profession of forensic psychology.
    - Dr. Noor Damavandi
    January 2013, Professor Alliant International University